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Direct Demand straight into Your Ad Server

About RTK.io

RTK.io prides itself on connecting differentiated, direct demand with top quality publishers. Through our relationships with Agencies, Trading Desks, and Media Consultancies, we help publishers to make the most out of their remnant inventory.

What we do?

RTK.IO is an ad exchange built from the ground up. Our code is modern, our algorithms are fast, and our unique demand partners make us one of the most competitive exchanges on the planet.

Inventory Monetization

RTK.io brings unique demand from Native and direct advertiser relationships right into publisher's adservers using header bidding.

Dedicated Account Management

Every publisher in our exchange gets a dedicated account manager, responsible for setup, troubleshooting, and introductions directly to our buyers.


Our reporting is elegant in its simplicity. Accurate and fast information about fill and revenue is available via our dashboard or via our API

Next Gen Tech

Bid ​our unique demand directly into your existing header bidding framework or implement our "zero development" header bidding wrapper.

Low Latency

Our own technology runs in our own managed datacenters - with six different geographic locations in the United States alone! Serve your ads faster and improve your revenue.

Traffic Control

Algorithmic traffic analysis allows us to dynamically allocate your ad supply to the highest bidders on an impression per impression basis

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